Convert to Digital

Sending us work is easy. Once you have recorded your audio, simply upload to your preferred site, e.g. YouSendIt, and we download it and get started. We can read most files, such as mp3 or wav and in the case of very large files, you can zip then send.

Once we receive notification, we download the file, the work is attributed to a transcriber and you will receive the transcription via an email attachment.

Time stamps can be shown on request. We make every endeavour to transcribe verbatim, however, should we be unable to decipher a word or phrase, a time stamp will be shown together with a series of “???” (question marks).

Once the transcription is completed, it will be checked and then sent to you electronically.

If you are unable to record or send the audio files electronically, you can send in the CD and we can also transcribe from standard, mini or micro cassette.